July 2007

One of the biggest reasons people do not buy flowers is because they do not think that they last long enough.  Fresh cut flowers should last about five to seven days.  Certain types of flowers, like carnations or mums will last longer, while other types of flowers, like irises will only last a few days.  When you buy roses from us, we guarantee they will last seven days or we will replace them.  If you take a few steps in caring for your fresh cut flowers, you will get them to last longer.

  • Use a clean vase
  • Strip leaves that will be under the water line and recut stems at an angle
  • Use fresh water and flower food (follow directions on packet)
  • Keep flowers in a cool place and out of direct sunlight
  • Removing wilting flowers immediately, as they will affect the other flowers
  • Change water and recut stems every two days

About.com has a three-minute video that shows you some more tips on caring for fresh flowers.  Check it out here.


I stumbled across this cute idea last week from Happy Mundane (a cute blog with decoration ideas). I think it would be easy to do on your own and rather inexpensive. It would be a great decoration for a party or barbecue. All you need are some paper cupcake cups, string, and time! Check out the picture below – apparently it was taken from an Anthropology store display.

Cupcake Garland

(via Happy Mundane)

Kissing Balls

One of our favorite things to make is a kissing ball. You can use many different types of flowers and shapes to make these fun floral decorations. The kissing balls featured in this picture are made of pink carnations. But, they can also be made of spider mums, daisies, stephanotis, roses, and many more flowers. Instead of a ball, the shape could be a box with a ribbon tied around it to make it look like a present. Or you could make it heart shaped. There are endless possibilities with this floral design concept!

We love tropical arrangements! Our designers use special tropical flowers to make unique and modern designs. Birds of paradise and ginger are just some of the beautiful flowers that the designers use. Check out a few of the arrangements below for an idea of how these flowers can be used.


Welcome! We are a flower shop located in Atlanta, Georgia. We will be using this blog to educate you about flower care and design, highlight our flower designers’ talent and provide information about sales and new products.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. We look forward to working on this project.